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Competence. Exclusivity. Passion.


Engel & Volkers was founded in 1977. We began as a specialty boutique agency providing high end real estate services to wealthy European investors in search of assistance from experts who were highly professional and discreet. We proved our competence and passion early on and quickly earned a reputation for our unparalleled level of service, highly valued network and strong leadership in the market. Our successes lead to greater demand for what we offered. With a brand gaining in recognition and reputation, we established a system that allowed us to expand without sacrificing our higher standards of quality. In 1988, we launched our own lifestyle, design and architecture magazine, GG. Through this publication we define our brand and showcase the premier properties we represent. In the same year, we also established the Engel & Volkers Academy to maintain our standard of quality among the growing numbers of expert real estate advisors choosing to represent our brand. In 1990, we opened our first international shop in Majorca, Spain. It marked the beginning of our worldwide expansion throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. Today, there are approximately 9,000 real estate advisors in over 30+ countries and with 850 locations spanning through six continents. Though the Engel & Volkers firm has grown beyond a small boutique agency, you can still rely on us for the qualities that remain our keys to success local market expertise, a highly valued network, and an unparalleled level of service quality.

The Story

Engel & Volkers evokes a real estate experience with the utmost competence, exclusive expertise and passion for all that we do. Handcrafted attention to every detail and meticulous white-glove service is what each and every one of our clients deserves.”


There is a single v1s1on shared by the thousands of professionals who represent Engel & Volkers worldwide. It is to link together the aspirations of discerning individuals around the world, be it in a private or business context with total passion. To achieve this vision, we have established a set of core values. These values help to maintain our high level of service quality worldwide and reinforce the meaning of our brand for each and every Engel & Volkers advisor.


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