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Current interior design trends

Current Interior Design Trends To Elevate Any Space

Current Interior Design Trends That I’m Loving!


They draw the eye upward and emphasize the height of your walls, making any room feel more spacious and elevated.

Natural Materials:

Naturally occurring materials are a staple in most interior designs these days. Raw woods, stone, terracotta, and oversized branches add depth, dimension and warmth to any interior space. Bringing the elements of the outdoors into our homes has a calming effect on our bodies and minds. It’s no surprise that this has been a very popular design trend recently.


Such a beautiful texture. Again, boucle adds this complete feeling coziness and comfort to sitting areas. Personally I would go for a boucle accent chair with a cloud couch or something similar.


Limewash walls has also been super popular recently. Instead of painting a room a flat colour, why not add some dimension? After all, if you hate it or it goes out of style, it’s incredibly easy to fix down the road with just a few strokes of a fresh coat of paint.

Dark Kitchens:

Dark kitchens are back in style. Wood cabinetry with beautiful grain is definitely in style right now and I must say, offset with a beautiful Calcutta marble, it’s simply stunning. When it comes to choosing the tone for the cabinetry that’s really key. Make sure to look at samples in a variety of light i.e natural, incandescent, and fluorescent. P.S: This lighting tip should go for almost all major design decisions.

Smart Home Technology:

As technology advances, integrating smart home features has become more prevalent. This includes voice-controlled systems, automated lighting, and smart appliances that offer convenience and energy efficiency.

Textured Walls:

Adding texture to walls through wallpapers, textured paints, or wall panels can create depth and visual appeal in a room.

At the end of the day, current interior design trends are ever changing. It is important to really consider what you like; what makes you feel comfortable and inspired. After all, our home is an extension of our energy field.

Follow along for more design tips and tricks!

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